Demo 2017

by No Pulse

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released April 21, 2017



all rights reserved


No Pulse Bristol, UK

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Track Name: One By One
Dover, January 2016. To all the antifascists who held strong on the streets against the Nazi scum, this is for you. They shall never pass.

Jaw dropped as the world stood still
compose myself for a better view
it's armageddon on the streets
I'm all alone - "what am I seeing?!"

one by one - raining down

find your feet- get back to work
evening falls with broken bones
right arm snapped behind your back
led away like shithouse rats

One by one. - raining down

all you had - all you gave - never enough.
Track Name: Bathing in Blood
Mike Hill & Tom Worby. Two hunt saboteurs killed whilst defending wildlife. Never forgive, never forget.

you chose your path , a fly to shit
a lust so strong now you’re bathing in blood
I look in your eyes and see the dead
and I fucking laughed when he chopped off your head
take to the fields, you’re in our sights
hold up your hands, for all to see

you’re bathing in blood

feet on the floor, this is a war
9,2, 91. 3, 4, 93,
red as your coat, begin to choke
the hunted run, free for the day
think what you want, get in our way
a line of black, it’s your turn to pay